With the colouring foods from Colourfood Professional
you can colour food naturally - without an E-number!

Full colour intensity - without artificial
colours & preservatives

Colouring foods are food ingredients made from colour-intensive fruits, vegetables and edible plants. Colourful foods and beverages can be made completely free of colourings and preservatives (100% clean label) using these products. Colouring foods are also not required to be declared as a colouring or with an E-number.

With our Colourfood Professional products, we thus provide restaurateurs, bakers, confectioners, ice-cream makers and other bulk consumers with a perfect solution for producing colourful food and beverages free of colourants.

What is meant by
colouring foods?

Colouring foods are food ingredients made from colour-intensive fruits, vegetables and edible plants. Thus, they are a really natural alternative to conventional food colours - without E-number!

„Consumers increasingly expect natural alternatives to the available conventional food colourings. We are meeting this growing demand with our colouring foods,“ explains General Manager Alexander Hautmann. Due to the high colour concentration of the colouring foods, strong natural colour effects can already be achieved with little material input.

„Colourfood Professional‘s colouring foods are amazingly stable in terms of temperature, light and acidity,“ says Mana- ging Director Alexander Hautmann. In addition to colour intensity and colour brilliance, the products therefore offer many other advantages, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

At a glance

  • Strong natural colour effects due to a high colour concentration in the product
  • wide range of creative applications, e.g. in drinks, ice cream, baked goods, beverages, ice cream, bakery products, chocolate or even confectionery
  • 100% clean label in application: no use of organic solvents, colourants and preservatives or ingredients of animal origin, therefore vegan.


Colourfood Profession's colouring foods are made from 100% fruit, vegetables and edible plants. When purchasing our raw materials, we place particular emphasis on controlled cultivation as well as sowing and harvesting by selected contractual partners. During production, the natural raw materials are processed into a highly concentrated essence exclusively by means of physical processes and using water as the process medium. This means: We produce a quality product for professional users from very high-quality raw materials.
The liquid colours from Colourfood Professional only contain the fructose of the raw material used, for example apple, carrot or blackcurrant. Therefore, the liquid colours do not contain any additional sugar. The powder colours contain additional sugar in the form of maltodextrin, for example. This is needed as a carrier material when the colour is pulverised. Without the addition of the carrier material, the colours cannot be pulverised.
The main ingredients of the colouring foods are intensely coloured fruits, vegetables and edible plants. As a family-run company, we accompany the entire production chain from the field to the harvest and processing of the raw materials to the finished product. Quality, care and the long-standing relationships with the farmers, our direct suppliers, have top priority for our agricultural engineers. We are convinced that only the best raw materials can be used to produce very good, high-quality products.
Colouring foods have taste and smell in their pure state and can be consumed pure without hesitation. This distinguishes colouring foods from conventional food colours. But when used as a colour for other foods, colouring foods do not change the taste of the final product. Nevertheless, you should test the products in your application before using them. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us via our contact form.